Drama Details :
Title: 부탁해요 캡틴 / Take Care of Us, Captain
Chinese Title: 拜托了,机长
Previously Known as: Fly Again
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20 (To be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-March-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Synopsis :
The drama began filming with location shoots in Australia and unfolds around the character growth, careers, and romances of those working at an airport.Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot , Han Da Jin in her attempts to become a pilot.The pair gets caught in a love triangle with Kang Dong Soo who is an air traffic controller at Incheon International Airport with seven years of experience under his belt. He’s prickly and cool, but possesses a cute, playful side that sometimes crops up. 

Download :

Episode 2| Mediafire1(198MB)|Mediafire2(27,34MB)|Megaupload|sub Inggris

Episode3| Mediafire1(198MB)|Mediafire2(33,17MB)|Megaupload|sub Inggris

Episode4| Mediafire1(198MB)|Mediafire2(33,16MB)|Megaupload|sub Inggris

Episode5| Mediafire1(198MB)|Mediafire2(37,09MB)|Megaupload|sub Inggris

Catatan :

Drama baru tayang,sub belum keluar,dan Tinggal extract file zip aja nggak pake HJ.split biar gampang buat kalian download.jika minta Pasword ,paswordnya :Cha_sya

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