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Drama yang diperankan oleh Peter Ho bersama aktris Janine Chang.Aku suka OST.Koalaplayground membaginya untuk kita semua.

Download the official Ring Ring Bell OST here (filesonic zip file).

Track list:
01.偷偷的愛 (演唱:丁當+嚴爵/片頭曲)- Secretly in love (opening credits by Della Ting and Yen-J)
02.醬菜女的平凡真心 – Side dish girl’s ordinary and sincere heart
03.相忘不等於遺忘 – Mutually forgetting doesn’t mean permanently forgetting
04.平凡相依(演唱:丁當/插曲)- Ordinary reliance (by Della Ding)
05.接近真相的圓周率 – The odds of getting close to the truth
06.多多 – Do Do
07.知足(演唱:家家/插曲)- Satisfied with enough (by Jia Jia)
08.愛是最好的降落點 – Love is the best landing spot
09.你的笑瞇瞇,我的小秘密 – Your twinkling smile is my little secret
10.讓我罩著你 (演唱:MP魔幻力量/插曲)- Let me shield you (by Magic Power)
11.重要的東西放在心裏 – Important things are kept in your heart
12.小襄的美麗人生 – Xiao Xiang’s beautiful life
13.明年情人節(演唱:丁當+何潤東/片尾曲)- Next year’s Valentine’s Day (ending credits by Della Ding and Peter Ho)
14.平凡相依 哼唱版(演唱:丁當/插曲)- Ordinary reliance (acapella version by Della Ding)

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  1. Ni pilem keren bgeD...gW ampe ngulang2 adegannya tiap epi...sipH daH...

  2. one of best drama which i see....


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