Yakusho Koji and Oguri Shun to star in movie, “Kitsutsuki to Ame”.

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Actors Yakusho Koji and Oguri Shun are teaming up to both star in Shuichi Okita’s latest directorial project, “Kitsutsuki to Ame” (tentative title). Yakusho plays the role of a 60-year-old lumberjack, while Oguri Shun takes on the role of a faint-hearted 25-year-old whose presence will try to challenge a sense of humor.

The film, which is an original work by Okita, undertook some shooting on the 29th of March. Because of the filming’s proximity to the earthquake on March 11th, Yakusho expressed the cast and staff’s feelings about production so soon afterwards: “We wondered, ‘Could we still make a good movie if we feel like this?’”

Although these obstacles faced the actors in their roles, they hope to complete the film with smiles in the hopes of creating a whole and cohesive work.

“Kitsutsuki to Ame” will be released nationwide sometime in 2011.

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