Woman Forgives Her Estranged Father in 'Detectives in Trouble'

A woman’s tears for her father have moved viewers in the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “Detectives in Trouble.”
On the April 11 episode, Cho Sang-tae (Kim Kyu-chul), Cho Min-ju’s (Song Ji-hyo) father, is released after five years in prison. He vows to avenge a crime for which he was framed.

First Sang-tae goes to a sanatorium to see his wife who was reduced to insanity due to shock from his imprisonment. Crying out of a feeling of guilt, he tells her, “Do you recognize me? I know what terrible things I’ve done to you. I should never have appeared in front of you again. I don’t deserve that.”
His wife calls him “sir” and tries to console him saying, “Don’t cry. It’s all right.” This makes him break down even more.
When Min-ju comes to the sanatorium soon after he has left, her mother tells her that her father has come and cried even though she comforted him. She runs outside to look for him, to no avail. She just shouts in the air, “Please come back. Don’t disappear again. I know you are afraid to return now after you have left us for so long. I forgive you. I don’t blame you for abandoning us.”
Meanwhile, Sang-tae is identified as a prime suspect for a series of murder cases, raising concerns about whether the family will be able to be reunited in happiness. (source :Kbs global)

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  1. episode ini bikin nangis terharu uni Ji Hyo hiks3


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