Taiwan drama 'Absolute Boyfriend' Jiro picking up after Wu Chun?

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Wu Chun unceremoniously dropped out of 'Absolute Boyfriend' for other pursuits and left the crew scrambling to find a new male lead. Now, there is news floating around that the replacement will be none other than Chun's bandmate, Jiro Wang.

This drama adaptation of the manga Zettai Kareshi, co-starring Gu Hye Sun. Apparently GTV is furious, but Wu Zun’s publicist lays the blame on the repeated delays by GTV to start production, as well as a consideration that Wu Zun wasn’t right for the role of the perfect robot boyfriend. Word on the street is that GTV is hoping Jiro Wang will step in for Wu Zun, and I’m of a mixed feeling about that.

Nothing has been confirmed yet and Jiro's management has been stating that Jiro is still concentrating on his mainland movie, 紫宅 (roughly Purple House), and has not thought about his plans afterwards. But nothing has been denied either, so perhaps Jiro will be picking up the baton for Chun.

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