Sung Yu-ri, aged 31, looks like a high schooler

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Becoming 31 years old this year, Sung Yu-ri changed into a high school student.

In the KBS 2TV drama "Romance Town" (written by Seo Suk-hyang, directed by Hwang Ee-kyung, Kim Jin-won-I, produced by CJ E&M, ANNEX) to be aired on the 11th of May, Sung Yu-ri acted out the rough mouthed, tough girl Noh Soon-geum.

Noh Soon-geum is rougher than boys, and so bold as if there is nothing in the world that scares her. Sung Yu-ri went through a change acting the character that has a rough choice of words and manners, far from her nice looking self.

The production says, "Sung Yu-ri is about to go through a change she has never done before. She is also passionate about the role of Noh Soon-geum and isn't afraid of getting hurt to get it right".

Meanwhile, "Romance Town" is about the housemaids that work in a plutocrat family's house and the episode that follow them.

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