Song Seung Hun thrills fans with a charming sel-ca and blog update.

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On April 7th, actor Song Seung Hun uploaded a sel-ca onto his 'me2day' account to update his fans on his whereabouts.

He commented, “Hi! Everyone has been doing well, right? These days, I am spending my time meeting friends that I hadn’t been able to meet and getting the sleep I hadn’t been able to get – [I'm] enjoying this long-awaited break!” He later added, “It’s been a long time since I uploaded a sel-ca, I don’t really like this one, but I’m uploading it! Everyone, always stay healthy. Let’s see each other soon with smiling faces!”

Netizens commented, “You’re not satisfied with this picture? I’m satisfied with it”, “Your smile is so pretty and nice”, “Definitely very handsome”, and “How are you so superior?”

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