Song Ji Hyo Shows Enthusiastic Acting in ‘Detectives in Trouble’

Actress Song Ji Hyo, who is playing a reckless and dogged news reporter named Cho Min Joo in KBS's Monday and Tuesday drama “Detectives in Trouble,” participated in filming a very dangerous scene in which she had to hang down from a rooftop without utilizing a stunt actress, and her enthusiastic acting has drawn attention. In the 10th episode of the drama that aired on April 5, Cho Min Joo fell into a dangerous situation and had to hold on to the rail on a rooftop, and actress Song Ji Hyo actually presented impassioned acting by filming the scene without using a stunt actress while connecting herself to wire equipment.

A staff member of “Detectives in Trouble” said, “Song Ji Hyo decided to film the scene personally after having a discussion with staff members. Song Ji Hyo performed magnificent acting while filming the scene and presented a very nice scene that was well done enough to garner an ovation from staff members on the set after finishing filming the scene.” Many people near the set were reportedly watching her with pounding hearts, as an actress was participating in filming a very dangerous scene. Song Ji Hyo said, “At first, I was also very scared because I had to hang on at a high place, but I could finish the scene safely because I was equipped with a safety wire and many people helped me. I monitored my acting after filming the scene and I came to have the thought that it was very good that I personally acted in the scene. I just desire many viewers to enjoy the scene.”

The scene in which Song Ji Hyo acted enthusiastically was broadcast in the 10th episode that aired on April 5.

Resource: http://english.kbs.co.kr

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