Show Luo to bare all if album sales break 170,000 copies.

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Due to overwhelming responses from fans, Show held another autograph session at Xi Men Ding, Taipei on Apr 10. The considerate singer even scheduled it early, so that fans could go home early.

At the autograph session, Show sang his new song and announced that his albums have sold more than 140,000 copies since it was released.

The singer admitted that he was not confident that his latest album Only For You would outsell Rashomon, his previous album which sold 150,000 copies.

However, Show promised his fans that if Only For You sold more than 150,000 copies, he would dance in pink pajamas to thank his fans. Should it sell more than 170,000 copies, the singer said he wouldn't mind going naked.

In other related reports, Show recently attended the inaugural Chinese Golden Chart where he met fellow singer Cyndi Wang backstage.

Cyndi later manipulated the photo they had taken together, uglified it and uploaded it onto her microblog. When Show saw the picture, he commented, "That is so cool! Haha, I laughed so much!"

Show became so addicted to the photo-manipulating app that he begun uploading spoofed pictures of him and other celebs. The fish-eye effect was added into a photo of Show, which exaggerated the singer's mouth.

"A lucky photo [for you all] before I go to bed. Those who repost [the photo] will be lucky in love, career, studies and health!" Show joked.

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