Show Luo: "I want to hold a massive wedding!"

Taiwan singer Show Luo revealed during an album signing event in Hong Kong on Saturday that the wedding he wants is the exact opposite of good friend Barbie Hsu's failed attempt at a low-profile wedding, reported Chinese media.

"When I marry, it will be very high profile!

"I want to collect cash wedding gifts from my friends so I need it (the wedding) to be very high profile!" Luo said with a laugh.

 "Nowadays, I keep giving out red packets as wedding gifts to my friends because a lot of them are getting married. So if I get married, I want to hold a massive wedding!

"It will be like a concert and the wedding gifts will be like tickets," said Luo.

About 2,000 fans turned up for the event but Luo had to leave before signing all their albums as the venue owners needed him to vacate the area.

The popular singer ended up having to continue his album signing session in the car park.

"My habit is to finish signing for everybody before I leave. I cannot allow anyone who came for my performances or album signings to leave unsatisfied or without my autograph on their album," Luo told reporters.

Unfortunately, Luo's manager complained on her micro-blog that some of his overzealous fans took advantage of his professionalism that day.

She posted photos of fans rubbing his autograph off their album just so they could enter the autograph queue again and meet their idol once more, creating extra work for Luo and wasting a lot of his time.(Channel.New Asia.com)

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