Short! Short! Short!


Title : 환상극장 / Short! Short! Short!
Director : Han Jihyeh, Kim Tae Gon, Ko Dong Seon, Lee Kyoo Man
Genre : Ombinus, Fantasy, Fear
Release Date : March 17, 2011
Poster : 1
Trailer : [1]


It has been one hundred years since the first movie theatre was built in Korea. Today it is not just a place for the sake of art but a part of our daily lives. This is an omnibus film of three shorts, which the stories are involved with the ‘special but friendly’space. The Famished is a sad fantasy of a man eating his memory for his hunger. Ten Million is a bloody thriller about living as a filmmaker in Korea, and The Loneliness of Butcher Boy is about the relationship between holiness and violation.



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