New notice from Kim Hyun Joong’s official website

Singapore – Earlier today, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency posted a notice on his official website, asking fans not to post kim hyun joong’s personal schedules onto their blogs and mini-homepages. Here’s a translation of the notice.
“Hello, this is Keyeast,
Really appreciate and thank you for your continuous support for Kim Hyun Joong’s activities.
Today I am writing to ask you regarding to Rkim hyun joong ssi’s personal schedule.
Recently, some of Kim Hyun Joong’s fans came to know about his personal activity schedules from the outside.
Using cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. After that posting them onto blogs, and the public through the homepage of yours, we are also aware of that .
We know that all of this, is due to your love and concern for Kim Hyun Joong.
However, there are difficulties in daily life so please do not overdo.
Too much attention will only cause love to fade away and will not impact hyun joong positively.
In the future, please do not post personal schedules to the public. Hope to see matured fans.
Hoping everyone to have a healthy and happy spring, in the busy days, i will inform you again whenever there’s good news.
Thank You!
Understanding that we all love Hyun Joong in one way or another, but please do as what the company said, this is just another way you can show your support to him.
Source – http://www.hyun-joong.com/

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