MBC announces “Ripley” to be the drama’s official name.

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There’s been some confusion over the official name of the upcoming MBC drama, “Goodbye Miss Ripley“. To clear the air, MBC’s representatives have come forward and announced that the drama will simply be known as “Ripley“.

On April 15th, MBC stated, “During the production stages of the drama, reports used temporary titles such as ‘Miss Ripley’ and ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’. Due to the continued confusion that the changes in titles brought about, we felt it was necessary to decide on an official title. With the agreement of the directors, we have decided on ‘Ripley.’”

“Ripley”, which means “Women alone create their own fate”, is centered around Shin Jung Ah’s infamous fabricated diploma scandal. The main line-up currently boasts JYJ’s Yoochun, Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, and Kang Hye Jung.

The drama will begin airing next month!

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