Main cast members of “Hula Girls” donate 10 million yen to Iwaki city.

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Main cast members of the big hit movie “Hula Girls“, which was released in 2006, have donated 10 million yen (approximately 119,203 USD) to Iwaki city, Fukushima. The main cast members are Matsuyuki Yasuko, Aoi Yu, Fuji Sumiko, and Yamasaki Shizuyo (from comedian duo, Nankai Candies).

Iwaki city was the main location where the movie was filmed, and unfortunately, it is suffering from the effects of the atomic power plant, as well as the tsunami attack. The cast members were discussing what they could do for the victims, and decided to donate money as the disaster relief.

But this is not everything. One of the cast members, Yamasaki Shizuyo, attended the sales event for products from Iwaki to promote its safety. ”Hula Girls” was her debut movie as an actress, and Yamasaki sent encouragement to people in Iwaki, “I’m sure it will be a much better town. Go Iwaki!”

The staff of “Hula Girls” also stated that they will continue to support Iwaki city in the long-term.

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