Lee So-yeon leader cast for SBS "Smile, Mom" follow up.

Lee So-yeon is the lead role for the new SBS weekend drama "Nice To Meet You". 
It's a follow up of the drama "Smile, Mom" and will be first released in May.

It is written by Kim Sa-kyeong from "Love You a Thousand Times" and directed by
 Han Jeong-hwan from "Come Back, Soon Ae". The lead male character is On Joo-wan
 and Lee So-yeon is a single mom raising a kid.

Lee So-yeon is taking the lead in a new SBS weekend drama titled Nice To 
Meet You (a working title), where she plays a teenage single mother. Well, I’m assuming 
that the character ages at some point, since Lee will soon be 29 — she looks fabulous,
 but hardly teenage. 

Her leading man will be played by Ohn Joo-wan (Chosun Police), who was recently 
discharged from military duty, where he served in the air force. In his comeback 
role, he plays a weak-willed guy who gets his girlfriend pregnant, but ditches her
 to go abroad. Ohh, you bastid! You’ve got a lot of making up to do already, and 
the drama hasn’t even begun, buddy. This should be good. (I’m kind of a sucker for
 stories where the dude acts immaturely and has to redeem himself, provided 
he goes through adequate tribulations in the process.)

The drama is written by Kim Sa-kyung of the weekend melodrama Loving You
 a Thousand Times (which had its share of makjang twists and tears) and directed 
by PD Han Jung-hwan of Please Come Back, Soon-ae (which was light and funny). 
I like the premise so I’m hoping it’s not a total melodrama, although with that writer, 
it very well may be.

Nice To Meet You will begin filming in mid-April and replaces Smile, Mom in May.
source :hans sinema

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