Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-yeong, will they recover their golden age in "Faith"?

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Kim Hee-sun (34) and Lee Min-yeong (35) will start shooting their retrun drama "Faith" soon.

A spokesperson for "Faith" said, "The script came out recently. It will start shooting at the end of May. It's a drama about the Koryo Dynasty but there are many action scenes so Lee Min-yeong and other stars started training in action schools at the beginning of this month. We had some difficulties in change in acts and such but main characters Kim Hee-sun and Lee Philip didn't have any changes".

This is the first time in 5 years Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-yeong are returning to home screens through "Faith". Kim Hee-sun went into a long term break after marriage and for baby delivery issues after the 2006 SBS drama "Smile Again". Lee Min-yeong had hidden herself after matters like getting divorced and such after 2006 SBS drama "Love and Ambition". She had appeared every once in a while in commercials and interviews but it's been a while since she appeared on screens.

Lee Min-yeong's management MK Partners spoke about her returning to the biz, "She is on board with producer Kim Jong-hak. This is her first historical drama since her debut and we hope you look forward to a different Lee Min-yeong".

The organization of the drama hasn't been confirmed, so it's possible it'll be pre-produced. "We know it to be under MBC but MBC hasn't given us a defnite answer yet. It is possible it could be MBC but there can be changes. We are working on it".

Meanwhile, "Faith" is second fusion fantasy historical drama by director Kim Jong-hak, after "The Legend". It will be done in 3D and should take up to 20 billion won to make it. Besides Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-yeong, Kim Seung-soo, Choi Min-soo and Lee Philip have been cast.

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