KARA’s Goo Hara attends her school’s opening ceremony

KARA’s Goo Hara and her beauty has taken the internet by storm.
At 2pm on April 12th, Goo Hara attended a ceremony for the opening of her school’s Woonjeong Green Campus at Gangbuk-gu. She matriculated earlier this year as a freshman, and has been greatly enjoying her life at the school. Candid photos of her life on campus has also become a daily affair.
This time, photos from the ceremony that show her beauty has caused the jaws of both male and female fans to drop. Her milky complexion and clear features are emphasised in the warm light, making her beauty all the more outstanding.
Netizens commented, “I wish I could live seeing her face everyday,” “A face that makes even a goddess weep,” “She has become even more beautiful after becoming a student.”

[Seeing her encourages me to go to college...in Korea. XD lol! I mean really. I would love to see her everyday before going to class. It would really make college more fun and exciting and worth going to. LOL!]
C&S: koreaboo

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