Kara Sets Three New Records in Japanese Music Industry

Girl group Kara’s third single album in Japan entitled “Jet Coaster Love” ranked atop the Oricon weekly single chart on April 12. The single album, which was released on April 6, has sold as many as 123,000 copies during the first week after its release, and the sales record during the first week was the best ever for Kara.Kara was also recorded as the first foreign female singing group who ranked atop the chart only a week after release, which was the first time since the Oricon chart began publishing its rankings 43 years ago.
Kara also broke the record of weekly single chart that was set 30 years ago by the English female group “The Nolans.” They had ranked in first place on November 17, 1980 with their album entitled “Dancing Sisters,” but it was sixteen weeks later after they had released their album. In addition, Kara’s ranking on the Oricon weekly chart was also recorded as the first time among Korean girl groups. BoA had ranked atop the weekly single chart as a foreign female singer six years ago on April 11, 2005, and Kara’s record became the second since BoA. Kara, whose members are currently in a legal dispute with their company, expressed their feelings, saying, “Our album ‘Jet Coaster Love’ could be ranked in first place thanks to all of our fans. We will do our best to give energy to our fans in return.”

Kara began their activities in Japan last August, and the accumulated revenue from selling their singles, albums, and DVD amounted to as much as 1.3 billion yen (1.78 million won) in 2010, and they ranked atop the Oricon chart in the category of “album sales” for rookie singers in 2010. source :KBS GLOBAL

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