Jang Na Ra Appears in Boxer Shorts in "Youthful Beauty"

# Jang Na Ra had an encounter with Ryu Jin in her boxer shorts. People said, "Jang's nice figure prevented us from laughing at her in this comical scene."

# Jang Na Ra created a friendly atmosphere on the set by revealing a smile all the time despite the five hour-long filming.

Actress Jang Na Ra presented her unique fashion in "boxer shorts" in the KBS drama "Youthful Beauty (written by Oh Sun Hyung and Jeong Do Yoon, directed by Lee Jin Seo and Lee So Yeon)," which will begin airing from May 2. Jang Na Ra will play a protagonist named So Young in "Youthful Beauty," and when she went out to undergo a part-time job interview, she became half-naked by accident. She wore her younger sister's clothes for the interview, but the clothes were too big for her as her younger sister was bigger than her, and when she walked onto a crowded elevator, she was completely jammed by the crowd and her skirt was taken off by accident as she snagged it on a hook in the elevator. What is worse, she had an encounter with the boss of the company, played by actor Ryu Jin, while she was standing in her boxer shorts.

The scene was filmed in a building located in Gangnam on April 2, and she never lost her smile while filming the scene for five hours, and her smile reportedly created a friendly atmosphere on the set. In particular, her enthusiastic acting that never spared herself had reportedly drawn favorable responses from the staff members. Staff members all said, "It is indeed as I have heard about Jang Na Ra." A person from the production company explained, "The comic scene was actually intended to create laughter, but Jang Na Ra's nice figure might harm the comical atmosphere. It might be a difficult scene for the actress, but she never revealed any sign of difficulties while filming, and she enthusiastically filmed the scene. All production staff members actually praised her acting."

"Youthful Beauty" will be a romantic comedy drama in which a thirty four year-old woman achieves her dream and attains love by overcoming a handicap of age and educational background with only her absolutely young appearance. It will begin airing from May as a follow-up drama to "Detectives in Trouble." source :http://english.kbs.co.kr

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