It was supposed to be organized in March...most main actors step down or debating.

Drama "Poseidon" that was supposed to be Eric Moon's (Moon Jeong-hyeok) return project is at risk of being taken apart.

"Poseidon" is about The Coast Guard life saving team and had been an issue from the beginning with the casts Eric Moon, Kim Kang-woo, Kim Ok-bin, U-Know, Jeon Hye-bin and more.
The shoot started at the end of last year but had been put to a temporary stop for weather matters and the December Yeonpyeong-do bombing incident. SBS was debating a re-draw in May but that too, became misfired.

In addition, the main actors have mostly stepped down or talking about it. Last year, Eric and the rest of the actors and actresses have shot 20% of the drama but Kim Kang-woo and Kim Ok-bin have submitted a final resignation. Others are still in debate.

Eric's management told No Cut News on the 6th, "We were to start shooting again in March but it has been postponed yet again. We have no idea when we will start again or when it will be complied. We are just waiting for the production to inform us".

U-Know's management said, "We haven't decided on stepping down". However, they can't wait forever.
A spokesperson for the drama "Poseidon" said, "We were to start shooting again in March but it's true it has been postponed. We will organize the schedule in April and re-discuss the compilation and shooting dates. The drama hasn't been taken apart. Actors to replace the ones that left are in process of being contacted and the script as well is being edited".

Meanwhile, "Poseidon" was to be a "Midas" follow-up in May but "Lie to Me" was confirmed instead. They haven't decided on anything else.(source :hancinema)

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