FT Island to sing for Japanese drama "Muscle Girl" OST

We reported in February that FT Island's Lee Hongki had been cast in a TBS drama called "Muscle Girl", which will begin airing in Japan on April 16. FT Island's Japanese management agency FNS Japan recently announced that the group will sing two songs for the drama's soundtrack.
In addition to the main track "Haruka", FT Island will sing "Itsuka" ("Someday"). Both songs will be released on May 18 with their album "Five Treasure Island"."Muscle Girl" is a drama about the manager of a women's pro wrestling organization who unexpectedly meets a Korean star and the love story that subsequently unfolds between them.
In addition to their contributions to this drama, FT Island also sang the ending theme song "Satisfaction" for the upcoming anime "Toriko"; the song is scheduled for release on April 20.source :koreaboo

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