Daniel Choi to the rescue in Baby-Faced Beauty.

Daniel Choi puts up his dukes in these stills for his upcoming drama Baby-Faced Beauty, which show tussling with another guy. In the drama, he stars as the leading man to Jang Nara’s youthful-looking heroine, who gets a job thanks to her ability to pass for 25 years old rather than her actual 34.
Daniel Choi’s been playing nice-guy types recently with Cyrano Dating Agency and High Kick Through the Roof, but these shots remind me of the loose-cannon punk he played in The World They Live In, where he was always shooting off his mouth and causing trouble. He was kind of aggravating in that, but also endearing for all his wild ways.

Here he plays Jin-wook, a “playful, affectionate” kind of guy who rejects the family jokbal restaurant he is meant to take over in favor of pursuing his own dream, and gets a job working for a fashion design company instead. He’s also quick to react in the face of injustice, which gets his temper going, which is what we see in these stills: He swoops in to the rescue when he sees that Jang Nara’s having trouble with a blind date… and thus begins their romantic storyline.
Since he’s described as her “cute younger man,” I’m anticipating that there’s a reversal that comes at some point. We start when Jang is a new hire at the company and is initially thought to be recently out of college, while he’s employed in a superior position. Clearly they’re gonna assume he’s her oppa/sunbae/boss, only to realize later that she’s the noona. *rubs hands together gleefully*
Baby-Faced Beauty premieres on Monday, May 2, following KBS’s current drama Crime Squad.(source :javabeans)

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