3 weeks of Hyun Bin after training with Marine Corps.

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Several photographs of actor Hyun Bin, in his third week of basic training for the Marine Corps, were revealed on the official Marine Corps' blog website today.

In the pictures uploaded on the Marine Corps webpage (http://rokmarineboy.tistory.com) on Friday showed the 28-year-old actor taking part in shooting drills at the training center in the southern city of Pohang in Korea.

One of the pictures show Hyun Bin firing his gun while in a hole and another reveals the actor running out of the hole, while the website explained those who shoot in the 90 percent range earns the title of "first-class marksman."

Born Kim Tae-pyung, Hyun Bin entered the Marine Corps on March 7 as part of fulfilling his two-year mandatory military duties and after receiving seven weeks of training, will be assigned to a base on which he will serve for 21 months.

Hyun Bin became a household name after starring in the hit MBC series "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" opposite actress Kim Suna in 2005 has also starred in other dramas including “World’s Within” (KBS, 2008) and "Friend, Our Legend" (MBC, 2009).

He recently rose to super stardom after starring in SBS' TV series "Secret Garden," a romantic fantasy about two people (played by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won) who switch souls every time it rains.

The show ended its two-month run in mid-January and has brought in viewership ratings in the 30 percent mark and garnered much interest regarding its fashion, catchphrases and music.

He also released two films last month including "Late Autumn" which stars Chinese actress Tang Wei and a romantic drama flick titled "Come Rain, Come Shine" co-starring Korean actress Lim Soo-jung, both which were invited to this year's Berlin International Film Festival.

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