Ratings race tightens for midweek dramas.

In the current Wednesday-Thursday ratings game, there’s no runaway winner, with all three dramas within five percentage points of each other. Not a super-exciting three-way battle, but at least there’s no huge flop. (Flops are always slightly painful to witness, yet also fascinating at the same time. It’s like the rubbernecking syndrome.)

But if we’re following the numbers closely, this week bears good news for '49 Days', which broke into the double digits for the first time with Thursday’s episode (its fourth). It had been performing in the 8% and 9% range, and today brought home a 10.3%.

Meanwhile, 'Royal Family' dipped in its first-place spot, dropping from a 15.7% on Wednesday to a 14.9% for Thursday’s Episode 8. 'Thorn Birds' has been in last place for most of its run, but is closing in with a 10.2%.

What does this mean? Well, I think we can call MBC’s “curse” at an end; My Princess was their first show (in that slot) in two years to perform consistently in double digits, and Royal Family is continuing the trend. I also suspect that this general pattern will hold for the foreseeable future, barring extraordinary story turns — either really good stuff that’ll hook viewers, or really really bad stuff to lose ‘em quick — until some fresh fare enters the mix.

Royal Family

49 day's

Thorn Birds
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