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Jang Geun-suk has done it. So has Kim Bum. Even best bud Lee Min-ho has taken a crack.

Now it’s Jung Il-woo’s turn to sing for a drama OST: He’ll be showing off his singing skills (? — only ’cause I’m not sure yet whether he has any) for the first time with a track on the 49 Days soundtrack. The single is titled “허수아비,” meaning “Puppet“; it’s Reaper Boy’s theme song, and alludes to the sadness of blankly watching the one you love, unable to do anything. Seems like those sentiments could also be appropriate as Almost-Dead Girl’s theme song, but as many of us suspect there’s more to the exasperated Scheduler than we’ve been told so far, I’m betting it fits in nicely with future developments.

The tune is described as a “warm and dreamlike” modern-rock song, and will become available online on March 30 via various internet music portal sites. Jung Il-woo reportedly spent his free time with vocal training to prepare for his singing debut, which he recorded on weekends and breaks from drama shoots (which, as we know, can be quite grueling).

On top of that, we’ll get to see Mr. Scheduler playing the guitar in the drama’s Episode 6, which airs this Thursday. We’ve seen him with the guitar before — on rooftops and such, because, what?, you mean YOU don’t play in the night breeze on high-rise ledges? — but this’ll be the first time we get to see him playing it.

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